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Linen Dry Cleaning Leaves Your Linens Lasting Longer

Dry cleaners, linen dry cleaningDespite the use of the term “linens” loosely referring to a wide range of bedding and bath items, dry cleaners may kindly remind you that linen is a unique and special fabric. Instructions on manufacturers’ tags confirm that some linen requires dry cleaning, to ensure it holds up well and lasts.

It’s somewhat surprising that it’s not universally understood that one can or even should take linen for dry cleaning. After all, linen—a natural, durable fabric made from fibers of the flax plant—has been around for thousands of years without being cared for and cleaned at the local dry cleaners! More likely than not, linens were washed in natural water sources (such as rivers and streams, or in a bucket) and then spread out or hung up to dry under the sun; this knowledge has perplexed more than a few consumers who likewise, instead of dropping off their linen for dry cleaning, would instead toss these favourite items into the washing machine. How could this all of the sudden be detrimental to the fabric? Are manufacturers simply being overcautious?

Linen remains a popular fabric out of which many popular items are fashioned: bed sheets and blankets, tablecloths, napkins, curtains and clothing. The truth is, the linens many of us purchase today, explain reputable dry cleaners, are rarely the natural, undyed, “raw” linens that were used in the past. In fact, according to dry cleaners, a simply-woven, basic piece of linen would—and did—launder just fine by being scrubbed with soap and water, and air dried. However, most of the fabrics today, unless specifically sought otherwise, are treated, dyed, and contain finishes, linings and other notions (buttons, piping, decorative threads and designs, for example)—all which contribute to needing to pay more particular attention to their cleaning process.

A good local dry cleaner is worth its weight in gold, and satisfied loyal customers can attest to this! If the manufacturer’s tag on linen recommends dry cleaning, it’s simply better to err on the side of caution and follow through. Ask friends and colleagues for a trusted dry cleaner that does all their own cleaning at their own location. While it isn’t impossible, caring for your own linens is at the least, frustrating, and at best, time-consuming (hand-washing, hanging, fluffing, ironing…) Trusting your linens to a dry cleaner is simply easier and offers less chance of a disappointing outcome.

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