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Down-filled Duvets & Comforters

Down-filled Duvet/Comforter in Need of Dry Cleaning

Duvet/Comforter Drying Cleaning

You know that your duvet or comforter is more than overdue for cleaning. However, most washing machines and/or dryers cannot accommodate and properly wash and dry a Queen or King size duvet or comforter. Moreover, they must be cleaned with great precaution to ensure that the fill remains correctly distributed. Also, it must be dried thoroughly as dampness can lead to mildew which will destroy your duvet or comforter.

Let us take care of it. Peloso Cleaners can clean and refresh any duvet or comforter, as well as pillows. This ensures you have a clean and healthy bed and reduces the accumulation of allergens.

You can either drop off your Duvet or comforter or take advantage of our free pick-up and delivery service.