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Wedding Gowns

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Wedding Dress Cleaning

Gown in Need of Wedding Dress Cleaning

So, you walked down the aisle, towards your perfect husband in your perfect gown. The perfect day is over but the memories will stay. Now, it is time to preserve this jewel – your gown.

Your wedding gown is a unique treasure that carries unforgettable memories. It cannot be replaced. It deserves to be preserved. It deserves our expertise.

After the wedding, bring us your gown. Together, we will inspect the gown, inch by inch. We will ensure that your dress is cleaned to perfection.

Wedding Gown Restoration

We also provide a special restoration service to whiten vintage gowns that have yellowed with time. Our brides have worn their grandmothers’ and even their great-grandmothers’ gowns on their special day.