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Keeping Your Clothes In Top Shape

Everyone has a favourite item of clothing; something you hold dear, reflects your unique personality and is only worn on certain occasions. In order to keep this particular item (or items) looking their best it’s important to take the proper steps …

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Dry Cleaning Preparation

There’s an expression that goes something along the lines of ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’; it makes a lot of sense when you really think about it. Imagine if structures (ex: commercial buildings, houses, etc) were …

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Getting the Most out of your Dry Cleaning Experience

The best way to keep your clothes in the best possible condition (and last longer) is to frequently and properly clean them. Using the washing machine for your garments once a week is a great start, but it’s important to …

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Alterations To Improve Your Wardrobe

  A typical wardrobe is comprised of many different items. From hats to shoes your garments help keep you covered from head to toe, however over time things tend to change (and not just what is considered fashionable). Our bodies …

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