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The Dry Cleaning Process

Staying clean and fresh should be a necessary part of everyone’s day (on a personal level). For brands that have businesses to run and reputations to maintain, the idea of staying this way has even more meaning:staying both clean and …

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Dry Cleaning for your Hair

Getting your clothing and other special garments regularly dry cleaned has become quite the commonplace practice. Never has it been easier to connect with your Ottawa garment care specialist online, find out more information about them and then get your …

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Dry Cleaning Preparation

There’s an expression that goes something along the lines of ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’; it makes a lot of sense when you really think about it. Imagine if structures (ex: commercial buildings, houses, etc) were …

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Making your Wedding Gown Chic & Unique

It’s that time of year again…wedding season! Although some have started to buck the trend of traditional summertime weddings for something in the fall or even winter, this time of year will always be the most popular time for people …

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The Future of Garment Cleaning

When you look at the way most things that currently exist are, it’s pretty amazing when you think about how they came to be that way in the first place. What may be considered ‘simple’ by current standards may have …

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Leading a Cleaner Lifestyle

When you hear the term ‘dry cleaner’ or ‘dry cleaning service’ the idea of clean clothes comes to mind, and usually that alone. However, your Ottawa dry cleaning specialist is able to clean to much more than just clothing garments. …

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Spring Cleaning

Spring is in full swing (even though the weather seems to be like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at times). One of the best parts about Spring is the fact that it provides an opportunity to bring out a lot …

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The History of Dry Cleaning

  If you’ve ever been curious about anything, the best way to get more information is to go straight to the source and research its origins. No matter how far along something may be today, there was once a time …

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