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The Benefits of Dry Cleaning your Garments


To some, dry cleaning is seen as an expensive luxury that can’t be easily justified, but when you think about it anything can be classified as such; it’s all about how you look at it and what you place your value on. Take food for instance, if you’re someone who values good health and wellness you will easily justify spending money on fruits, vegetables, supplements etc that will promote the healthiest lifestyle possible. When you put your interests first it’s not an expense, but rather an investment into your wellbeing.

Garments that you want to keep for a long period of time need to be treated similarly. Dry cleaning certain garments (especially those that are dry clean only) is important to help maintain the integrity of said garments. Here are some of the other wonderful benefits of getting your clothes and other garments professionally cleaned regularly:

Knowledge of fabrics and fashions: You may know what rayon, silk, and cotton are, but what about angora, faille or seersucker? There are numerous fabrics and fibers that dry cleaners must know about in order to care best for the clothes they receive. Each fabric can respond positively or negatively depending on the treatment administered.

Preservation: Many dry cleaners specialize in the preservation of wedding gowns, christening gowns, and other family heirlooms. Preservation is a special type of storage that helps prolong the life of a garment for years and years. Cleaners often say that they aren’t just preserving a customer’s garment, they’re preserving a memory.

Technology: Dry cleaners are on top of the latest cleaning and fabric technologies.

Expertise: From fashions and fabrics to stain removal to the latest cleaning technologies, dry cleaners have the expertise to clean your clothes right. Why do it yourself or settle for a second-rate job from a so-called “home dry cleaning kit” when you could trust it to an expert?”

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