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Dry Cleaning for your Hair

Getting your clothing and other special garments regularly dry cleaned has become quite the commonplace practice. Never has it been easier to connect with your Ottawa garment care specialist online, find out more information about them and then get your items dry cleaned when you need it; simplicity is the name of the game. Now another dry cleaning technique is taking the world by storm that offers simplicity, but has nothing to do with garments whatsoever.

“Deodorizing hairbrush liners are here to freshen dirty, not-so-great smelling locks. This popular Japanese way of “dry cleaning” one’s hair is set for an American takeover, thanks to skin and body care brand Mirai Clinical. The hairbrush liners contain extracts of persimmon — that bright, orange fruit that’s not only good for eating, but used by geisha to clean and preserve their colorful kimonos.’Persimmon works as an antiseptic, anti-bug, and a great deodorant,’ says Koko Hayashi, the founder and CEO of Mirai Clinical. ‘A geisha will squeeze persimmon into the water of a bath basin to cleanse the kimono.’ Each liner boasts hard-to-tear mesh that fits perfectly into most paddle or boar-bristle brushes. If you’re someone who uses tons of hair sprays, gels, and pomades each day, Hayashi recommends switching out your liner daily. Otherwise, changing it every two to three days is just fine. “Because the dirt and fallen hair on the sheet are clearly visible, you will know when it’s time to change,” she says.”

Well, that takes care of hair, but for the rest of your body (mainly the items of clothing you drape yourself with daily) make sure you visit Peloso Cleaners, Ottawa’s dry cleaning specialist.

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