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The Dry Cleaning Process

Staying clean and fresh should be a necessary part of everyone’s day (on a personal level). For brands that have businesses to run and reputations to maintain, the idea of staying this way has even more meaning:staying both clean and fresh in terms of how they operate (a modern approach to thinking and business procedures) and if you happen to be a company involved with food or clothing items, literally keeping your establishment as clean and fresh as possible.

Dry cleaning is an an industry that literally puts keeping things clean at the forefront of everything they do. Although many certain dry cleaning businesses may conduct themselves differently from one another, the main procedures which are followed are relatively the same. Here is the standard dry cleaning process that your garments are put through in order to have them looking, smelling and feeling their best:

  • “Tagging and inspection – Some method, whether it is small paper tags or little labels written on a shirt collar, is used to identify your clothes so they don’t get mixed up with everyone else’s. Clothes are also examined for missing buttons, tears, etc. that the dry cleaner might get blamed for otherwise.
  • Pre-treatment – The cleaner looks for stains on your clothes and treats them to make removal easier and more complete.
  • Dry cleaning – The clothes are put in a machine and cleaned with a solvent.
  • Post-spotting – Any lingering stains are removed.
  • Finishing – This includes pressing, folding, packaging and other finishing touches”

Based on the particular attention someone may request their garment to have, dry cleaners will adjust their methods accordingly. For the best the best quality dry cleaning which Ottawa has to offer make sure that you visit Peloso Cleaners, Ottawa’s garment care specialist!

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