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Drycleaning for Fall

Today is the official first day of Fall, which means a few things: the colour of leaves are changing to beautiful orange and brown, it gets darker much earlier and most importantly the temperature outdoors get a lot cooler. When it comes to the latter we’ve been lucky as of late weather wise, but that doesn’t mean that the colder temperatures aren’t coming and the best thing to do to prepare for them is to dress properly.

Remember this past Spring when you cleaned and properly stored all of your colder weather clothing? You don’t? Well, that will make things that much more difficult this fall and winter when you need those particular items. Fear not however, because this is the perfect time to get those items dry cleaned (since the weather is still quite warm!). Not only will cleaning your colder weather clothing items make them fresh for the upcoming months, it will improve their overall integrity and longevity so you’ll be able to have them to wear for years to come.

In order to get all of your clothes looking and feeling their best for autumn and beyond make sure to visit Peloso’s, your Ottawa garment care specialist.

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