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Making your Wedding Gown Chic & Unique

It’s that time of year again…wedding season! Although some have started to buck the trend of traditional summertime weddings for something in the fall or even winter, this time of year will always be the most popular time for people to get married.

Choosing the right wedding gown is important as the bride is the main focal point of the day. Making the wedding gown stand out with unique alterations and embellishments is important to ensure that the personality of the bride is able to shine through what she’s wearing. Here are a few tips to help get your wedding gown looking it’s best before your big day.

‘Don’t forget the back. If the back of your gown is straight across, have it altered into a V or U shape, which is more interesting and more couture. Add buttons over the zipper — and even perhaps all the way down the back seam to the floor — which will cover the seams and provide a the finishing touch. Also, if your gown has straps, consider making them narrower for a more luxe look.

Add a belt. Your waistline will be accentuated and you’ll create a couture look. Go for a beaded belt or add a fabric sash, either in monochromatic white or ivory or a contrasting colour. Learn to tie a gorgeous bow or OBI sash and clasp it with an ornate brooch.

Get the gown altered by a professional. A poorly fitted gown makes even the most expensive garment look cheap. If the gown fits well it will automatically look more lavish.’

After you’ve come back from your honeymoon and have written all of your thank you notes contact Peloso Cleaners, your Ottawa garment care specialist to have your gown thoroughly and meticulously cleaned and packaged to keep it effectively stored until you’re ready to pass it down to a family member or friend.

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