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Preparing your Clothes for Winter


Fall is here and before you know it Winter will be as well. It’s funny just how unprepared us Canadians can be even though we know that the frigid season will annually rear it’s cold head. We may not be able to prevent it from happening, but we can prepare ourselves with the right clothing choices to stay warm.

Here are a few tips to help get your winter clothing prepared before the season hits:

“Use Hair Spray to Prevent Holes in Your Tights. Nothing is more frustrating than ruining a pair of tights, especially when you’re down to your last clean pair. As a quick fix to lengthen a pair’s lifespan, try cheap hair spray. Just as it stiffens your hair, it will stiffen the fibers in your tights so they’ll last longer.

Remove the Pills From Sweaters. As fun as it may be to pluck those little balls of fuzz off your sweater, it’s not particularly efficient or effective. You could invest in a fabric shaver, which looks exactly like what you use to shave your legs but is meant for your knits. Lay the fabric flat and apply gentle pressure. You don’t want to accidentally shave a hole in an expensive cashmere sweater. If you’re too paranoid, the one-two combination of a sweater stone and sweater comb is also effective. Both are meant to be rubbed over fabric — the stone handles chunkier, heavier fabrics while the comb is meant for delicate ones. And for the low-tech version, you can trim pills with a pair of cuticle scissors.

De-Lint a Wool Coat With a Coat Brush. If you happen to have a furry friend, chances are they’ve shed all over your coat. Using a lint roller is pretty much an exercise in futility, so try investing in a brush especially made for the task. A few strokes and the bristles will capture lint, hairs, and dust off your classic wool topper.”

The best way to keep your winter garments and all of your important and delicate clothing and garments clean visit Peloso Cleaners, your Ottawa garment care specialist.

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