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Pressed to Impress

First impressions are important; whether it’s a job interview, first date or the first time eating out a restaurant that was recommended to you by many people. The first two examples the onus is on you to impress, however when it comes to a restaurant the onus shifts to those running the establishment and the ones behind the scenes creating the culinary magic happen in the kitchen.

They say we eat with the eyes first and that notion applies in spades when you go out to eat (especially if the restaurant is known for being upscale and offering exquisite dishes). This means that the expectations of how the place should look are already in the back of your mind before you set foot inside. One element of the dining experience that many equate with being upscale is the use of table linens for both the table cloth and napkins. “It boils down to impression and wastage. A recent report suggested that 93% of guests take note of the use of paper over linen in restaurants, and that 78% prefer linen napkins in preference to paper ones. The cut in costs associated with the selection of paper over linen may even be a false economy, as the average person tends to use two to three paper napkins per meal. A switch to linen reduces waste disposal. Impressions are important in both enticing and keeping customers, and a restaurant with tables decked out in crisp, white and pristinely-clean linen tablecloths really does give that vital, first, positive impact.”

If you’re going to use linens in your establishment it’s important to keep them consistently looking and feeling their best. Let Peloso, your Ottawa garment care specialist use our expertise to ensure that all of your linens are cleaned, pressed to impress and ready for each new dish that you bring to the table.

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