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Garment Care Tips

Garment Care Tips

Shirt with No StainShould you ever have a question, please give us a call and we will happily give you advice on your particular situation. Here are a few tips before you get your garments to Peloso’s.

Blood stains should be treated immediately with cold water. Sponge any blood stains with cold water as quick removal is very important. Consult your cleaner immediately about this type of stain.

Sugar and Tannin Stains
Stains in this category include fruit juices, coffee, tea, soft drinks such as root beer, coca cola, etc, tomatoes, beer and others. When these substances first come in contact with a garment, they are not very evident and in many instances, they do not appear to have stained it. Neither you nor the dry cleaner is aware that these stains are present until after they have been set by the heat as part of the cleaning process. When this happens, it is too late to remove the stains. You should immediately sponge these stains off lightly with cool water and then take the garments to the cleaner. Please notify your dry cleaner about the stains.

Oxidized Oil
This classification includes such oils as linseed oil, salad dressings, mayonnaise, French dressing, cooking oils and gravy. These stains tend to combine very readily with the oxygen in the air and once they have oxidized, it is virtually impossible to remove or even lighten the colour of the stain at home. Avoid this damage. Take your soiled clothes to the cleaner immediately.

Shirt with No StainPerfume and Cologne Stains
Alcohol is used in perfumes and colognes. This alcoholic content will cause some dyes to bleed or run. This will leave the stained area either lighter in colour, cause it to changed shade or leave a darker ring around the damaged area. To avoid this, never apply perfumes or colognes to your clothing. Instead, place it on the skin in areas that are not likely to come in contact with your clothing. Alcohol damage is usually permanent on fabrics and can seldom be removed, even by your cleaner. The distinctive odour of perfume is often noticeable in the damaged area of the garment.

Deodorants and Anti-Perspirants
Perspiration will weaken many fabrics when it is allowed to remain on a fabric for a long period. For this reason, clothes should be cleaned frequently to remove the deodorants, antiperspirants, and perspiration from your garments. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when you apply deodorants and antiperspirants.